$50 for 30 sec

$100 - 1 min

$200 - 2 min



DM me on Twitter if interested

Terms and Conditions:


- Upon request, we will discuss details of the commission to be done. I can decline a request for any reason. Once an agreement is made, payment is to be made upfront.

- Payments are only accepted via PayPal invoice in USD. Progress will not start until payment has been processed.

- Each payment tier defines a maximum length for the piece: $50 for no longer than 30 seconds, $100 no longer than 1 minute, and $200 no longer than 2 minutes. If necessary, and at no additional cost, file time may spill over a few seconds to allow for proper ends (clean loops, reverb tails, etc.)

- Deliverable is a rendered wav file at 44.1kHz. Additional formats are available upon request: flac, ogg, and mp3.

(Note: due to the inherent properties of the mp3 format, mp3s are not guaranteed to loop and are therefore discouraged for looped pieces.)

- You must provide both descriptive and audio references.


- Once an agreement has been reached and payment has been processed, I will start work on your commission. A finished piece may take up to 4 weeks from start to completion, and the exact time may vary depending on number of commission slots taken, length and complexity of the piece, etc.

- A series of progress updates will be sent to allow you to check in, comment on the work, and request changes or alterations to the direction of the piece. If you're not satisfied with the direction after the third update, the order will be cancelled and you will recieve a full refund.

Cancellation and Refunds:

- I reserve the right to cancel your commission for any reason. You may also contact me to cancel your commission for any reason.

- If you cancel after three or fewer progress updates are shared and you're not satisfied with the direction of the piece, you are entitled to a full refund.

-If you cancel the commission after the third approved progress update, you are entitled to a 70% partial refund.

- No refunds will be issued after the piece as been completed.


- I retain all rights to my work. I may use it to display on my site and advertise my services. While it is unlikely I will directly use the work for other commercial projects, it is in my right to do so should the terms of that project allow it.

- You may use the work for non-commercial purposes. You must credit me and link to my site.

- You may use the work for some commercial purposes such as, for example, branding for content for YouTube or Twitch. If this is your intention, you must include this information when you initially request the commission. You must credit me and link to my site whenever using the work in this way.

- You may not directly sell the work.

- You may not upload the work directly to any other music streaming sites or audio sharing platforms, i.e. SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, or


- Simple alterations such as fades, cropping, and volume adjustments for mix purposes are allowed.

- If other edits are made such as EQ, reverb, or anything more substantial than the simple edits mentioned above, you must clearly communicate that these changes were made by yourself whenever the work is used in this way.

If you have any other questions, please contact me via Twitter or email!